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Date First Written: January 2013

Being in the closet about being multiple takes on many forms. Some people are out to no one at all, some are only ‘out’ to a few very select people, others are out to a number of  people in there lives, and perhaps a few are even out to much of the public around them. For ourselves, we are mostly only out to a few very select people in our close social circles and even fewer in our family though we are almost completely out to everyone online. However a fair number of people in our lives do not know we are a we at all and we have chosen to take this route for a verity of personal reasons and slowly come out to certain people when we feel it is proper or wanted. Its all about personal privacy, being comfortable, and being able to come out to any number of people if that is what has been chosen. No one has to come out at all, though at times some multiples have chosen to do so. It’s a very personal matter.

Being out to some people, but not others have its pros and cons of course. Like coming out about any kind of personal information about your life - sometimes its just not anyone’s business or concern but other times coming out seems much more needed to the personal situation. For us personally, just as there are some people we know casually that don’t even know our last name or anything of the sort we feel zero reason for them to know any other amount of personal information. If we only know them casually and they don’t know a lot about us to begin with plus they will likely never know a lot about us - the fact of us actually being multiple is beyond consideration for information they need to know. We are a group of people in one body and we are family, not a fun and curious factoid of the day. Our family and family matters just aren’t anyone’s and everyone’s business most of the time.

However there are some people in our lives who we are closer too and that we do consider people who should know us and we should be honest too. They are either actually part of our family or they have become rather close friends or confidents. It is in these people that we come to even begin to consider possibly coming out to as being multiple. At this time, we are not out to much of our family due to either knowing that they would not take our being multiple well, or because we do not think at this point in time is the best time to come out. However, we are out to a few people in our lives and so far those coming out experiences have been positive to neutral.

Being multiple, or just being plural in general, is not something readily known to the general population. This can cause all sorts of troubles when thinking of even the prospect of coming out to anyone. Plus, due to the stigma of Dissociative Identity Disorder (once called Multiple Personality Disorder), there can be issues with coming out as a non-disordered or healthy plural system. The fact that DID has become so sensationalized in media, it can easily complicate things if coming out becomes a topic of consideration. Trying to possibly come out to people who might have head of DID/MPD and try to come out as an individual system rather than a media stereotype and oversimplification can be possibly daunting. Especially if you are a natural and healthy multiple trying to basically go against the stereotypes laid down by media portrayals yet alone the dictions between being a functioning system cared to a non-functioning one. Further there is the natural skepticism and confusion over the idea of either multiple souls sharing a single body and/or a brain being able to handle more then one identity and sense of self (depending on how each system considers their group to be set-up and caused). Most people don’t think about that being possible. On the one hand, that makes people figuring out someone is multiple unlikely usually as they aren’t trying to peg someone as such, yet on the other hand it can make coming out and accepted as a multiple much more difficult.

For us, we’ve come to find the hardest and most difficult part of being not out as multiple when it comes to our close friends and family is not hearing our names being called. It’s a rather simple thing - the sound that has been designated as a label for an individual but it makes a lot of difference to us. We’ve never been the kind of people that thinks we need to be out to anyone and everyone, however we would love to be able to be known by our own family and close friends. We do wish at times that we could be out and accepted by our family and have them call us out by name and acknowledge us rather then always collectively have to pretend to be the same person.

Over the years we have gained a lot of practice at keeping our multiplicity hidden when we want too. Each of us has our own tone and style of voice as well as physical mannerisms and ways of holding ourselves among us. That is not to forget to mention our own individual opinions on certain matters as well as certain preferences and dislikes. Just like any group of people we act like we are different people because we are different people. However being in a multiple system that is not out to most of the world has made our keeping our multiplicity from being really noticeable an art. While fronting around people who do not know of us being multiple - we keep to around a certain tone and to certain options and likes/dislike which we have weaved over the years to be what people think this one ‘person.’

Being multiple and not out to everyone can create some confusion on how to talk to be people. In our own case, because of our wide verity of (for example) gender identification, sexual orientation, and religious stances - those became an issue for us on how to outwardly present or label ourselves. In our case, we have ended up deciding to go for sticking with umbrellas that can explain most of our most notable behaviors to avoid confusion for those we are not out too. For example, if people who we are not out to ask our religious beliefs we might state that ‘we’ (though they hear ‘I’) and simply say pagan. If asked further we would state ‘we’ are an “eclectic pagan of a mix of various pagan or neopagan religious.” This wording allows for a lot of what people could potentially read or infer from us. If for example one day Lunatani makes mention of things which are Wiccan-based but another day Pantairin makes mention of more Buddhist practices - people thinking we are an “eclectic pagan” will make the most sense to them and allow us more freedom on what we might say to people without fear of stepping to much off their social labels on us. Not breaching labels or ideas people have set up for us, because they think and see one person whereas in fact we are many, can lessen a lot of confusion. To keep things simple and to not breach what image we have created for us in our everyday life.

Of course, we make mistakes and at times one of us might say ‘we’ rather then ‘I’ on accident or slip into their natural voice rather then our mask tone of voice. It happens on occasion and perhaps more then we even realize. However thankfully usually people don’t notice our mistakes, or if they do notice they make no mention of it. It seems when our mistakes our noticed most people will happy and quickly let it slide off their mind as something not really our of place for being ‘normal’ and will likely never think ‘multiple.’ Actually of all the years, only on a few occasions have people called us out on it, but that happens very rarely and usually these events are laughed off as slips of the tongue.

This is some of the nature of not being out as a multiple system to some people but not others.

- Zedjeb
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Date First Written: December 2012

When you get any group of people together - standards and ways of working together start forming. Agreed upon ways of living and working around each other and outside the group even are some aspects of rules. Sometimes they come in the form of unspoken agreements all the way to laid out rules and regulations that are more or less set in stone for the group to adhere to. Multiple systems are no different really. In fact, the only real and major difference is that rules and agreements within a system involves the same body rather then say a house, apartment, or work space. For a multiple system, the act of sharing a body can easily make things more complicated in a number of ways. As a multiple system we have had to learn to work together and set up understood ways of how we should go about things as well as things to avoid in our actions.

Its not easy being a system. In our earlier years there was a lot of back and forth issues. Each of us had our own ideas and we did not know how to work together. It didn’t help that throughout much of early life and into our early teens we remained in denial about being multiple and tried to dismiss the idea for as long as we could. So early on we had no rules set down and everything was really chaotic for us. As we have gotten older our system cooperation has grown. It had too. We had to learn how to work together and find out what worked for us. It was also not easy due to us being so different causing us to sometimes butt heads at times early on. It took us time to get ourselves into order.

In our own system, we work as a pure democracy and so we go by majority consensus of things. Each of our opinions concerns are weighed equally together and we try and go with the wishes of as many of us as we can. None of us are more important than anyone else. We are equal as far as we are concerned. We can’t always get what we want individually or when we want them, but we all have to do what will be best for everyone. It might take time and some fair lot of compromise, but we try and make it work for the best of all of us and to listen to each others concerns to the best we can. As part of our system organization we try and balance around making everyone one of us in on our system as happy as possible without inhibiting or hurting anyone one in our system. We also have to keep in mind always that we have to continue to be able to stay in the closet to people outside our system.

In our system at least, we’ve yet to ever formally sit down and write out any formal rules for in our system. This is mostly due to all us knowing the jest of the rules overall without it ever having to be exact and to the point. We have worked on and agreed upon these rules over the years and so nowadays we know  these stances without question. This is because many of our system rules and procedures are mostly expansions upon common place house rules or rather common sense ideas in our mind. We consider our body simply another place where we live just in a much more literal and very important living space since.  In fact, we have a running in-system joke that the bulk of our rules can be summed up by that poster “Everything I Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.” (You can tell we are education majors can’t you?) The joke isn’t fully accurate but idea of simple phrases much expanded upon is still there. A strong sense of working together (as a functional multiple system) as best we can and trying to enjoy what we have (being a natural multiple system). Compromise in one hand, and taking what cards we are dealt in the other. Through these two things we have come to be able to work as a system and from that be able to be a family. Life long friends. Siblings. Headmates.

In our system, we try to have a formal meeting every so often. We often refer to them as Council. We can easy all talk to one another through our mental network even if we are in completely different areas of our innerworld, but it is nice for us to come together in one spot in our innerworld for a while specifically to talk about matters and relax around in company of the whole system. During this meeting we might catch-up on current issues and affirm our agreement on what we are going to do about it, and to talk about new issues and discus what stances we should take. These meetings also allow for us to ‘bond’ and catch-up emotionally with each other. They allow us to specially all get together and enjoy each others company.
We only have one body and so we only have a finite amount of time in the day to do any thing. We have only so much time to do anything any given day, and can’t be in more then one place at once to boot. We only have one body and so we can only have so much time working at our job(s) too. Yet, each of us very well often have different ideas on what to do with our time and money. While fronting we have things we both need to get done and want to get done. From this, we not only have to manage and agree upon how we will manage our time while we our fronting between us but also how we will manage our own time to ourselves. What each of us need/want to do as well as what we individually want to use that time for.

First and foremost we have our responsibilities - our work, our university classes, our chores in our home, our bills, and so on. These responsibilities are ingrained into our system rules. We have to function in society together and that goes above and beyond our individual rights and wants. We have outward and everyday responsibilities that we have to deal with, no second questions or guessing about it. This is one of our strongest ad oldest rules that we hold to. We take care of our system overall first and insure our lives together. This fact of our system rules holds strong that all of us have to keep and abide by responsibilities.

After our responsibilities, we have our free time and some extra income which we have to take everyone into consideration. With us, when it comes to buying things any one of us, what we do is similar to what any group of people might do. So much of our money that doesn’t go to bills or needed goods we put into savings but we allow us some ‘spending money.’ In our system rules, we stand by that if we want something we have to work for it rather the just take but not give something in return. If one of us wants something, they have to put forth the effort to earn it in time - by fronting while at work or what not as well as waiting patiently in consideration for each others wants and also what it is exactly they want to begin with. Some times some of us have to wait for some time to save up money for something any one of us want, and some times there are things any of us can never buy or get due to any number of circumstances - but what we have set up now nonetheless seems to work out for us for the best.

One very important thing in our system is something we have to refer as ‘keeping the mask.’ That is, to not let it slip that we are multiple either involuntarily (an accident) by not paying attention to what we say or how we act, nor to not to ever intentionally come out to someone as being multiple to someone without express agreement and foreknowledge to everyone in the system. We have agree on who we are going to be out or not out too. This rule at its very heart also demands that we be able to pass as singlet to people who are not in the know. We have to be able to function in society, and multiplicity is not something that is readily accepted among the majority as it is seen as a abnormal or only linked to the disorder, dissociative identity disorder. That means we all have answer to our body’s name and physical gender whether we like it or not. That also means we have to have ’our story straight’ in front of people we are in the closet too. Meaning, we all have to answer the same questions with the same answers over and over again. For example, one of us can’t answer the question of what our favorite style of music is, only to have another in our system contradict this answer right afterward. To prevent this, as part of our ‘mask’ we have agreed upon ’facts’ about us that are made up of what each of us actually thinks but in a general ‘soup’ if we can get away with it. For example, each of us in our system are generally fairly neopagan in our beliefs though a few of us are much more agnostic or atheistic; and so what we present ourselves as outwardly is a general or eclectic pagan with a lot of skeptical leanings. This compromise both allows all of us the most freedom in how we interact with people but it also acts as a net to catch any slips of the tongue any of us might make. We follow this along other topics -that ‘we’ are just genderqueer, that ‘we’ are asexual/pansexual, saying that ‘we’ just love all kinds of music, saying that we are just a jack of all trades, master of none when it comes to as much as we can. To say that ‘we’ like a lot of different things. This way of doing things seems to be the best way we can come to be able to keep ‘our mask’ and be able to pretend to be singlet yet be as open about our thoughts and interest to others as possible.

Tolerance and acceptance is another ‘simple’ concept which goes a long way in our system. It is a big pillar in our system rules due to our such big differences. Each of us are very different people and so we can (and once did, plus still at times do) clash. So tolerance and acceptance is a strong rule for us. Each of us have our differences between us and among us. So tolerance and acceptance are high on our property. As part of functioning, we have to work together and we can’t work together if we always argued or butted heads over differing opinions and views. Each of us have to accept that we do not necessarily always agree on anything and everything, and we should never feel forced to change others views onto ours. We have to learn to live with out diversity and so that is what we strive to do and continue to work toward within our system.

So really, like any group of people we have our rules and agreements, its just that ours are a bit different and internally complex. They aren’t set in stone on paper but they are still ingrained in our minds. Our rules as a system are ways that we have come to be able to function better, it allows us to know what is excepted from all of us and allows us to know to act and react to the world around us as a cohesive group rather then all of us trying to pull in different directions but never get anywhere. Our rules give us solidarity, and given we are sharing a single body, that is very important to us indeed. 

- Z
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Date First Written: January 2010; Date last Updated: August 2013

We do not fully at all understand how our system really and truly came about. We know how certain things were throughout life, and how it all seems to be connected in how our system evolved; but we don’t really know the actual root cause of our multiplicity if there actually is one at all. We don’t know the rhyme or reason, and instead we just know the end result that is now things are today. We can guess and theorizes about it one way or another, but they are only pet hypnoses that are only based on scant evidence and experiences that can sway either way. So we do have are our thoughts on how we might of come together and ended up this way in some way, but those theories very well could be wrong. In the end we just don’t know. We’re not fully sure, and may never be fully sure to how we came about in the end no matter now much time we would sent combining through memories. In the end however, the cause does not matter to us as much as how we live our lives together now. Even though we don’t know the root cause from the beginning, we do know the evolution of the after effects and how we came to be throughout life.

We have never, as far as our collective memory persists, been alone in this head or body. There have always been things going on inside this head completely out of each of our control. Even if we were not aware of each other as we are now and see each other as we see ourselves today, we were still there none the less. Our early life was something of a strange thing in relation to our multiplicity looking back now. Each of us were there in a weird way off and on, and in control of our body in a way; but we were unaware of each other and ourselves in the end. We weren’t sure of ourselves or what we were, but that of course would begin to change over time. During that time, we were still young.

We are not exactly sure how it was beyond a few general ideas and memories. It is weird in that we remember our childhood and into preteen years generally rather good and all, yet we cannot quite put into detail what was going on our brain throughout that time. We have a hard time recalling what was believed, thought, or felt during any given time early on in our life even if we remember what was going on outside our mind. We remember our mind was always going and going with ’voices’ and thoughts here and there. We are not sure as the cause of this, though perhaps it goes back to our brain being so full of chaos early on in our lives because we were not organized like we are now. Our early life was full of chaos in our mind for sure. Our thoughts and feelings were all over the place back then.

One thing we have noticed is that looking back we can point out memories and events which remind us very prominently as someone in our system today. Memories in which any number of us certainly appeared to be fronting at one given time or another before we even knew we were multiple at all and before we awakened to ourselves as we know each other today. There are things we remember doing or saying back as a child or young teenager that was distinctly one of us even if we weren’t fully aware of each other back then. Times when which what we said or the tone of voice that was used or what we did, which we can place as being distinctly from someone. We remember events in our early life in which our voice sounding like how Lunatani speaks today, remember our factual expression at several times having Kardegray’s famous smirk, events in which we held Pantairin’s more formal and slow speech pattern, and so on. Little things here and there that happen to actually remember though there is so much we likely have forgotten over the years. 

It wasn’t until we started going into our teen years that the first hints of our multiplicity started to come to our awareness though at the time we miss construed them into thinking what was going on was something else. It was sometime during our pre-teen or early teen years, with think, that Earth Listener and Cavern-Risen came to distinctly front the most. From what we can figure, everyone else still made appearances and had influences on the body, but it was Cavern-Risen (whose identity as a werewolf influenced how things went during this time in our lives) and Earth Listener (whose name was used and from this ze got confused about zir species identity) who were the main fronters at that time. That would change though. Echoes of all of us would continue to peek though our mind and into the outside world, but we wouldn’t fully realize our multiplicity for some years.

During the early half of the decade of 2000 is when Earth Listener found zir name; however, also during this time Cavern-Risen also fronted a lot and her identity as a werewolf and her understanding of that over shadowed Earth Listener’s aquatic identity which didn’t have species names to it back then, causing both of them to think they were a spiritual werewolf. Once we found the therian community during the mid 2000s that would translate into thinking ‘we’ were a gray wolf therian for a time. It was also during this time what our innerworld began to ’form’ in our mind. Though more correctly, it could be said that we started being aware of it more than anything. Though back then, what was known was a dark enclosed temple (what is the Ruins in our innerworld today).

It was through time period that we really began to appear in any artistic endeavors. Looking back, we can see our multiplicity before we knew of each other in what we had written or drawn during our childhood and teen years. Our early drawings and writings portrayed images not too unfamiliar to what some of us are though few of us had our names ascribed to those early writings and drawings at any time. Unfortunately, most of our drawings before our high school years have sense be either lost or sent into the recycle bin, which is something we find sad for the one’s we remember which are very distinct in our mind and can be directly linked to someone in our system. 

One of the earliest drawings we remember doing very clearly was from back in the winter 2004 of a is of a monstrous black wolf with lager than normal ears and shorter tail that was chained down within a cage with moonlight coming in through a bars and shadows along the wolf being red. Also in 2004, we drew a detailed pencil drawings of young adult snowy owl. We remember rather clearly having done countless drawings spanning 2004 all the way up to nearly 2008 of a large white feline. In a few early drawings she was given more tiger or lion-like features before becoming more lean from there on until the later drawings of her right before her awakening into our system, in which she was almost like we know her today. Another drawing in the Spring of 2005 specifically, which we still happen to have, is a pencil shaded drawing of a white-tailed deer that was female, but with antlers. One of the very strikingly similar drawings we can remember was of a sea dragon in pencil shading which was not too dissimilar from Aquasarius as we know him today complete with long neck, a tail tipped with a fish-tail, and gills along his chest. The drawing was done in the year 2005 and the sea dragon within the drawing was called “Aquarius” which is actually something of “pre-name” given to Aquasarius before he changed his name to what it is today. In 2006, a short lived short story was written about a young teen named “Zeo” who had wings. Two years later a novella would start being written about a young man named Zeo who could turn into a harpy like creature that was white, which we later discovered was one of Z’s past life memories. In 2006, a rough drawing of a literal half human, half wolf creature as drawn though the drawing depicted a male rather than a female. Another drawing, this one also done in 2007, was of a female black werewolf in a hybrid form in a fight with another werewolf  that was more wolf-like which had reddish-orange fur within a stony background. The black werewolf was Cavern-Risen ad the reddish-orange one was from one of Cavern-Risen’s past life memories. In 2008, for a sculpting project, we crafted a wall hanging bust of a red deer that was also rather similar to Pantairin again in a way. These are just examples we distinctly remember drawing during our teenage years, but even somewhat earlier we can strain to recall drawing or thinking of a few images off and on in later childhood as well which seemed not too unfamiliar to one of us.

That is how the progression began - slowly at first, right under our noses throughout of life. However by the time our high school years came around, we had grown more and more aware of each other but with now context for what was happening we all saw everyone else as a ‘voice’ or ‘character.’ Feeling pressured by how we had inferred from society that ‘having people in our head’ was wrong and unhealthy even though it didn’t feel wrong and didn’t cause us harm we tried to put an end to. During this time Pantairin was mislabeled as a spirit guide (and being male due to having antlers) until even she was forced a way for a time before being able to come back. Before to long, Cavern-Risen and Earth Listener forcing everyone away as tension within the system increased. In the end, this lead to our system grinding to a halt. Many members fled deep into our innerworld and out of awareness of our innerworld (including Cavern-Risen after a time leaving Earth Listener alone) and some going into a sleep/unconscious state. By the time, mid 2009 rolled around Earth Listener was alone fronting and there was one around for a time. That wouldn’t last for long however.

In December 2009, Kardegray came back around from being forced away for a time. He quickly made himself known to Earth Listener and began to really press to show how real he was to zir though at this time he could not front for some time. Due to being members of The Daemon Forum, Earth Listener became aware of the ‘headmates’ more though we had heard a tiny bit about multiplicity in the past from the otherkin community. From that, Kardgeray began to be called a headmate by Earth Listener though we still did not we were also multiple for sure. During this time everyone else continued to exist away from their awareness of the outerworld for a time. It was during this time that the Ruins in our innerworld became as they are today and some of the temple that it has been fell away and plants began to grow all over it in mass.

Then at the start of 2010 Kardegray accidentally ended up fronting, and it was the first time it was recognized as being such. Earth Listener recognized and was aware of the lost of control of our body, Kardegray realized he himself was fronting. It was then, both Kardegray and Earth Listener began to really suspect something. Then, in February of 2010 Lunatani began to come back into the awareness of the outerworld and Earth Listener and Kardegray quickly realize this as well.

It was at this point the idea of multiplicity really began to come to our thoughts as a possibility whereas before it had been hand waved away as to what was going on in our mind. By March 2010 we had grown to seriously consider the idea and by June 2010 we officially decided we were a plural system, though specifically that early on we though we were maybe median rather than multiple. So the first steps to learning about our system as a system really began to talk off. In the months and years that followed more and more people found their way back and in time we started looking for them as well. Further,  few years later we even had a few additions into the system whom had never been here before. 

And so, things have continued on. We are still learning about our system, about our innerworld, piecing together our past as a system, and learning about each other. Our lives together is a process of discovering and learning. We did not come to know everything there is to know about our system under a short span of time and there are things we may still not know or might be mistaken about. We are still learning about ourselves and our relationship with one another. We have learned a lot, but there is still much we do not know still. About ourselves, and certainly about plurality as a whole. There is certainly still so many things we do not know about the cause or formation of our system at its onset.

Outside of these general known facts throughout our lives so far, everything else is much more little more then a lot of guess work and hypotheses set-up by our  thoughts and opinions on what we think we might know. We do wonder why we are a system and how it actually began at its onset. We know the after effects in our lives but not the cause behind the scenes, if you will. Some of us such as Kardegray and Mist Weaver prefer to see our multiplicity in a psychological light, others such as Z, Pantairin, and Tanka lean toward a spiritual explanation, while others prefer something kind of in-between or just do not know and haven’t formed an opinion. However, they are only opinions and hypotheses based off primarily on our own spirituality and beliefs about the nature of a person. Regardless of what any of us might believe caused our multiplicity we all agree on the opinion that which ever is correct - whether it is spiritual, psychological, both or neither - we do feel that our multiplicity is essentially natural. We consider our multiplicity, to be something that just came about on its own. We think that, however our multiplicity might have actually formed, those root causes were just how things fell and formed rather than our multiplicity being something was caused by an outside source primary.

From a psychological point-of-view we can think that our brain was just naturally inclined toward multiplicity and from that nonhuman identities. That this mental abnormality of ours is an innately occurring one that our brain managed to wire into place in a way to told onto multiple full identities going on at one time within it. From this view-point, those of us who came into the system later on in life could be seen as just further results of how our brain just naturally works.  From a spiritual standpoint, popular pet-hypothesis among us is that our system was formed and caused by many souls being either incarnated into this body (rather than just one soul being incarnated into this body) or that a fair number of us walked-in while this body was still very, very young in life. Of course that later idea of us possibly being walk-ins brings up the question of which of us is the “host”  if either of us is or is not the original at all. However in that possible scenario, if it was so, then due to our body being so young, one could say whoever was the “host” if that person was one of us and not that that said host actually walked out when we walked in that the idea of it mattering seems moot. Further, in this view-point, those of us who we know came in/appeared in our system much later on in life can certainly be described as walk-ins.

Either way though, for all us in our system, if we had to pick a hypothesis to standby and we could not play the “we don’t know for sure and so won’t put a hard stand on it either way without more details” we would stand by the theory that our multiplicity and otherkinity is built form a whole host of psychological and spiritual causes and roots. Where and which way things actually fall within this theory is unknown by far. Really, though, it really doesn’t worry or haunts us. The past is the past.

In the end though, those are just ideas and hypotheses. What we do know is that we have lived this way for as long as we can remember. That how our multiplicity is, has not something which has been detrimental to our lives. That, for whatever cause, we are here as we are. We can’t be sure how we will continue on in life and change in the future. If we will gain new members, how our independence and interdependence with grow and mature, and so on down the line. Time will tell.

- Pantairin
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Date First Written: September 2010; Date Last Updated: June 2015

For those of us in our system, our names were not just given to us growing by our family due to them not knowing we were multiple. So we ended up either naming ourselves or naming each other. Because of this, our names tend to be more symbolic, ironic, or relate to a personal trait for a number of us. Also, because our understanding of what we are to one another her changed (it was only until our late teens that we accepted we were multiple), and because our own views of ourselves have changed - some people have gone by different names of our lifetime.

During our childhood, we called him Blue. Some time in our late teens he ended up with the name Ace.

We’re not sure if Aquasarius has a name during our childhood, but was named Aquarius during our teenage years.  His current name came about during adulthood.

Arron has had his name since we can remember. Our best idea is it might be a corruption of “Aaron” as while “Arron” is a name, its an uncommon one, so its likely we knew about it as a name back then.

Cavern-Risen’s original name was Vuevusva growing up. However she wanted to leave some past things behind her and also felt her old name was just too hard to say or write so she decided to change her name by the time we reached adulthood. Cavern-Risen is what became of it because in her connection to caves plus she’s always had a flair for nature and description-esque names (as she was the one who started calling the pack their pervious labels and did the most to name them their current names). So, Cavern-Risen is became.

For much of our life she was just called “the white one” or similar given her coat color, which really didn’t work well for an actual name. So her current name was based on choosing something from nature that is white or off-white due to her fur color and choosing a body part that sounded okay with said color to go along with a naming theme for them.

Since childhood, Darahagh had always been simply just called the Great Oak or the Old Oak. We finally named him in August 2012 because we wanted a name to call him by. However, Darahagh’s demand was the name we came up with had to mean “oak,” which was his way of getting back at us because that way we still are technically just calling him an oak. We ended up deciding upon Darahagh which came from a corruption of Dara and Darragh, both names which drive from the Irish word for “oak.”

He’s been name Dash since our preteens.

We’re not sure where he got his name though Dracone has had this name since we were in our preteens. It seems to be a corruption of the word dragon. Interestingly, ‘drakon’ is the Greek root word for “dragon” though we don’t think we knew that back when we were young. Even though now that we are older he feels a bit of irony being named Dracone and being a dragon he has never felt a need to change it.

Earth Listener
During our childhood both Earth Listener and Ocean Touched together were called “Mud.” In our preteens, Earth Listener was inspired to take on that name after it came up in a dream and ended up liking the sounds of it. It also suited Earth Listener due to zir being rather animistic in belief and having land-based theriotypes. Earth Listener has always had that name since our early teens.

Ebony’s name seems to come from his dark skin and appearance though we don’t remember a time where he didn’t have the name. We are fairly sure our exposure to the name occurred with the movie adaptation of the book Black Beauty as the name Ebony was one of the names suggested for the main character. So he’s had that name since at least the late 1990s and he hasn‘t felt a want to be called anything else.

She was given the name Jewel during our childhood, but changed it to Ereigo during our preteens.

Felicity’s name was given to her by us upon first meeting her in 2013. The name in English means “happiness” and its Latin derived form means “luck.” We were inspired to the name based on the movie Felidae which is based on a book of the same name by Akif Pirincci because the name sounded nice.

For much of our life she was just called “The Unicorn,” “Silver,” or “Moon” due to her silvery white fur and her species. In 2013, she was given the named Galatea because it means ‘She who is white as milk” which she felt suited her.

During our childhood he was called by one name thought we do not recall what it was anymore. He was given the name Ghaith in 2012.

Grizzly Ears
For much of our life he was just called “the gray one” or “grizzly male” in relation to the rest of his pack and his coat color which really didn’t work well for a name. So his current name which was crafted in our late teens was based on taking “grizzly” due to his fur color and choosing a body part that sounded okay with said color to go along with a naming theme for them.

Throughout much of our life, we just called her “the brown one” or “the light brown” as she and the rest of her pack never really had names. So her current name was given her in our late teens based on her brown colored fur and going along with how we named her parents and siblings in a manner of something that relates to their coat color and then a body part.

did not receive her first name till August 2005 though, which was Moctolia. She changed her name to Venzaveer in March 2014, but still was not happy with that name either. So a short time later she changed it to Hennatori which has remained ever since.

Holo has had the name Holo since she appeared in our system in late 2013.

During our teens he became known as Dante. In 2009, Earth Listener confused him for her daemon and from there was given the name Danteberos. Late in 2012 it became apparent that Dante wasn’t a daemon but a headmate. He took on the name Jager after that point.

We’re not sure how Joker ended up his name as he‘s had it for as long as we can remember. His name does suit his personality well though so we are guessing that is where it came from.

Growing up his name was simply Jim; however, he had some reservations about it starting into our teens. He finally changed his name to Jordan in 2014 after asking our mother to pick from a list of names he thought sounded like they could work for him but could pick one.

His name was originally both Kar and Demon during our childhood and into our early teens (due to originally being two different headmates. However years after merging, he expanded his name to Kardegray in 2009.

We’re not sure how Knives ended up his name. He has simply had the name since we can remember.

Kota’s name is actually a shorting of ‘Dakota’ after the state and the name which means ‘friend.’ She was given the name in 2013. Not sure why she was given that name other then it sounded nice and she and others liked it for her.

During our childhood and into our preteens she was often simply called Liberian or “The Sphinx.” During our early teens, she was mistakenly called Maya for a years before simply going back to being called Liberian or “The Sphinx.”

Leonis was usually referred to as simply “The Rabbit,” or similar growing up. It wasn’t until 13 that he finally got the name, Leonis.

Lunatani’s name growing up and into our teens was simply Luna. In our late teens she decided she wanted a slightly newer name but wanted it to still have her old name within it. Somewhat impulsively, she found a band she liked which was already in our CD collection called, Lunatica, and from which Luna became Lunatani.

Not sure where she came up with the name though she has had it since she came into the system in 2003.

For a few short years in our preteens he was called Ninyo, but it was changed to Trance for a while in our teens before he settled on Nen.

During our childhood and into our teen years she was actually named “Mu” and later “Mru” as well. However as we got older she grew tired of her childhood name and taking a cue from her off-white coat she ended up with Mist Weaver in 2009. However by 2013, she had come to be unhappy with that name, and by the summer of 2014 she changed her name to Miushra.

Throughout much of our life, she has been just called “the black one” or even “Amazon black” (due to her large size and personality) which isn’t much of a name at all. Thus around our late teens we attempted to give her more of a name. Her current name is based on picking something in nature that is black like her fur going along with how the rest of the pack was named by ending with a body part which sounded nice combined.

His name was Claw during out childhood but his name was changed to Nychus (which still means “claw”) during our preteens. He has had the name ever since.

Ocean Touched
During our childhood both Earth Listener and Ocean Touched together were called “Mud.” Later own, due to still not fully accepting that we were a system, Ocean Touched took on Earth Listener’s name for about a year until September 2013 when ze finally got zir own name. Ocean Touched’s name became what it is due to having aquatic theriotypes so “ocean” and sense of touch is a fairly notable sense to zir due to being a frilled shark therian. Thus, Ocean Touched.

We’re not sure how Page ended up her name as she‘s had it for years.

Growing up and into our early teenage years, we though she was a he (because of having antlers) and called her Breath. (A play on how the English word for “spirit” comes from the Latin word meaning “breath.”) Later in our late teens she began to like the Japanese words/sounds Rin (meaning “bell”) and Pan (meaning “bread”) due to certain past life memories of being a sika deer. Somehow, that turned into Pantairin by the fall of 2010 which is what she has been called ever since.

During our preteens he was given the name Taz however he changed it to Taask during our late teens. However during our adult years he changed it again to Pypaath.

He was given the same in our early teens. It was inspired by the name Quetzalcoatl, a deity described as a feathered serpent which reminded us of Quatz.  

We’re not sure where her name came from exactly. Only that she has had it since at least our pre-teen years. We think her name most likely came about as a corruption of the word “rain” while trying to come up with a watery name for her and that is what stuck all those years ago and has continued to be her name.

We really have no idea where the name came from as he is far from a sage-like personality and Sage is generally a feminine name. However he has had it since our pre-teen years.

Growing up, I didn’t have a name really. Our first attempt at giving me a name come around 2004 or 2005 when I was named “Zeeque” (much to my later embarrassment), but I didn’t like the name. So I was dubbed Ghost from the mid 2000s till 2010. At that point, I chose the name Spiridon due to being a Hellenist and wanting a Greek name. So I chose Spiridon since it means ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost.’

Throughout much of our lives she had always been just called “the red one” or even just “little red” which didn’t really work well for a proper name as the years went by. So her current name comes from picking something in nature that we could think of that was reddish or copper like her fur color and chose a body part due to the theme naming we had started with the rest of her pack.

Her name actually comes from ‘Tatanka’ which is Lakota for “buffalo.” It was given to her since she didn’t know what to name herself and out of all that we suggested she ended up liking the sound of that name. She was given the name when she first came into the system in Spring 2013.

In our early teenage years we began to call him Diablo. In our adult years, he took on the name Titus.

No one recalls, Uruk ever being given a name throughout our childhood and teenage years. However in our early adult years he was given the name Uruk.

Throughout our childhood and into our teenage years, he was simply called “Blue Bird.” Entering into our adult years, his name became “Woadell” which is a mixer of the word “woad” which is a plant which creates a natural blue dye, and the name “Odell.”

During our childhood, Yamir was called “Socks” after him having a sock marking on a single leg. Yamir’s current name was given to him when we were adults. While grasping for name ideas, the thoughts was put forward to look for a “Y” name and the name Yamir came up among them. Yamir ended up meaning “moon” as well which ironically, he came back into the system on a full moon. So he has been Yamir ever since.

During our childhood and into our early teens he was called Zephyr. In our teens he took up a name he believes he held in a past life of his, Zeo, but during our early adulthood changed it a bit to Zeoriel. However then on the 1st September 2012, he changes his name to Zedjebdjehuty, after going from being a deist to being Kemetic with the name meaning “To be restored to life by Djehuty” which he took on given the Egyptian god, Djehuty was one of his patron deities and believing his identity is from past lives. By July 2013, he began simply be called Z as all of the names he had been going by began with the letter Z. So to date, we call him and he called himself, Z.

Our System Name: House of Chimeras
Sometimes some systems will decide upon a collective name to use online or sometimes even offline if they are so open. The act of using a collective name varies from being used only as handle to be used online, to a name around friends or family for their group, and so on and so forth. How a collective system  name is decided upon can sometimes be symbolic, ironic, or more literal. For all of our members, our collective name is House of Chimeras is not only our handle online but it has also become a symbol for which we have come to identify with. Chimera was chosen because it best suits everyone in this system overall. Almost all of our system identifies as nonhuman, the species variety in our system is very high. Traditionally, the chimera was depicted as a creature that has the upper body of a lion, a lower body of a goat with an extra head of a goat, and a tail that was as snake complete with a head at the end. Like a chimera, we are a wide variety of different creatures from each other, yet we some all have managed to live together sharing a single body. Also, we are a ‘chimera’ because just like the mythical beast, even though we have different identifies and perspectives –  ‘heads’ – we all live together in somewhat harmony in one body. The word house certainly has a load of symbolism and meaning. With the idea of our body and brain being a house and home for us as well as it implies a sense of family. Hence our name sake. House of Chimeras.

- Spiridon

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