Dec. 21st, 2020

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This journal is basically “Friends” only. Our essays can be seen by anyone and everyone, but other posts which are for personal journal entries can only be seen by people who have been added.

This has been done mostly for personal reasons, but feel more then free to comment here or send a private message to be added. We’re generally quiet friendly and like hearing peoples thoughts and opinions as well as giving our own. If you befriend us, but don't give a shout-out we may not add you back, because we like to have at least 'talked' and said 'hello' first to people. We don’t like to add people we have never ‘talked’ to either through here, PM, or otherwise at all.

For information on what is normally posted on this journal, please see the profile page and the tag list for details. Normally we talk about our daily experiences with being part of a multiple system, our therianthropy/otherkinity, our alterative spiritualities, our gender/body dysmorphia, and such.

Though take warning that this journal may hold posts which hold adult concepts about sexuality and such, though nothing overly explicit.

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